File description - Input

The input provided by the broadcasters consists of two types of files: Metadata and linear logs. Both are delivered in the form of xml-files that must validate against a certain schema. Note however, that after a change implemented on June 11th 2020, the requirements dictated by the schemas have been loosened. The metadata and linear logs now go through a separate step of validation after being validated against the schema. The change was made to allow for rejection of individual content containing errors, and not rejection of entire files.


Metadata must be delivered for programs and promos in xml-files that validate against schema "norway-prog-vod.xsd" (attached on this page). A file containing metadata for a given content id must be uploaded to Kantar Media no later than 03:00 CE(S)T the day after that content id is first made available for consumption. A metadatafile that does not validate against the schema, will be rejected entirely. In addition, individual content may be rejected in a separate validation step. Broadcasters will be notified via mail about files or content that has been rejected.

A broadcaster can choose to deliver all metadata in one file, or split the delivery of metadata across several files. However, each file should not contain more than 1.000 content ids.

It is very important that broadcasters do not upload large amounts of metadata without prior consent from Kantar Media! Doing so might prevent correct processing of metadata for all broadcasters.

Linear logs

The broadcast day covers a 24 hour period from 03:00 to 26:59 (inclusive).

Linear logs must be delivered in xml-files that validate against schema "norway-program.xsd" (attached on this page). A linear log must be uploaded to Kantar Media no later than 08:00 CE(S)T the day after the broadcast day it applies to.

The log cannot contain any schedules for the day before the broadcast day it applies to, in other words it cannot start earlier than 03:00. It is however legal for it to end after 26:59. The spill-over will be included in the following days reporting.

While it is perfectly legal for a linear log to contain gaps, it cannot contain overlaps. Overlapping schedules will be discarded. All logs must also be sorted on start time. A log that does not validate against the schema will be rejected entirely.

All start and end times must be given in CE(S)T!

As for metadata, prior consent from Kantar Media is necessary beforing uploading large amounts of linear logs.

Note! We are currently working to allow overlaps in the linear logs, and expect this change to be implemented soon!


The filenames of the files containing metadata and linear logs must be on the following format:

File contentFilenameComment
Metadata for programs<mmmmm>_<yyyyMMddHHmmss>_prog.xml

<mmmmm> is the media company id (padded with leading 0's)

Metadata for promos<mmmmm>_<yyyyMMddHHmmss>_promo.xml
Metadata for programs and promos<mmmmm>_<yyyyMMddHHmmss>_both.xml
Linear logs<ccccc>_<yyyyMMddHHmmss>_prog_linear.xml<ccccc> is the channel code

The timestamp in the filename should reflect when the file was created / updated.


Whether a metadatafile or linear log validates against the schema or not, can be ascertained by using one of the many free online validators available. For example Free Formater Online XML validator.